My first day of freedom...

began with Bjørn waking me up as he got dressed. Apparently he didn't get the memo that I am on vacation! After having breakfast with Bjørn-o and getting him out the door, I had a cup of coffee in my french press.

I then spent 2 hours sending out emails - I still have to get enough kids to register for summer school. AND, I applied for/set up an interview to work for Children's House International, a non-profit adoption agency located in Ferndale. Next Tuesday. I did a little watering of the herb garden (which due to lack of a camera chord, I have not put up any pictures of), and read outside in the sun. Yes, it was sunny today, windy, but sunny. Oh yeah, I also went through all my clothes and began the process of taking clothes to the local consignment store. 

Now, I am going to make a pizza and wait for Bjørn to come home so we can go to Birch Bay for the evening - you never know, we could go another 3 weeks without sun!