Capturing the impossible. Life in the inner city.

I haven't written here for awhile, because it seems impossible to me to write about life in East Van. So much happens in just one day. And moods change so much. One day I am ecstatic and overwhelmed with hope over what's going on in our youths' lives and the next day, everything has come crashing down.

But alas, hope is the one consistent here. As long as I have that, I can do well here. God is showing me on a whole new level what it means to hope.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will load my luggage along with 12 other youth and 2 leaders to drive down to Seattle to begin our newest adventure: a mission trip in Ensenada, Mexico.

The challenges we face on this trip:
6 of our kids have never been on a plane
None of our kids have travelled past the state of Washington
this is our all of our kids first mission trip
unity isn't a common theme in East Van
All of our kids battle against the welfare mentality (everything should be given to them)
meaning they also struggle with giving to others

Why this trip is going to be so XTRA awesome with our kids:
they get to give when they have so little
they will see that there are other people more needy than themselves
they will see that $ doesn't = happiness

Most importantly though, the success at every level will be all the greater because of what they have to overcome.

God loves the East Van Youth.