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It is a new address, so if any of you are cool enough to RSS feed all your blogs, you will have to re-subscribe to it by clicking on the Feed link. Enjoy.


Lost in the communication world.

It was bad enough that I was in between cell phones for almost 2 weeks, but this weekend, all of a sudden my new AT&T phone, which I have had for less than a week, stopped working. Everytime I try to make a call, it says "service unavailable" and apparently nobody has been able to call me.

What a pain in the butt. I'm "troubleshooting" with the AT&T guy right now. Apparently, all it took was turning the phone off and on again. Of course I DID try that this weekend, and it didn't work! Oh well, at least it is working again.


Nuetro viaje

Photos from our trip are up. Here's a couple to wet the appetite. Click on 'em to head to the whole she-bang on flickr.
loving the van trips
One of the funniest moments, was definitely seeing Bjørn as a clown for kids skits :)
The clowns

Oh and here's the quick slideshow we made for the Mexico presentation at the Vancouver church.

QUICK HIGHLIGHTS - there is just too much amazing experiences God took us all through, but I will give a brief list -
*One of our youth finally opened up about his life, after 6 years of being a part of our group, and at the end of the week, Bjørn had the honor of leading him to Christ.
*One of our youth was allowed to leave Rehab early to come on the trip, and she actually had a good time!
*1 HUGE rededicated life from a girl that has been a part of the youth group for 9 years.
*LOTS of questions and curiosity about God from our non-Christian youth
*crying and intercessory prayer led by youth every other night

Carla's (our leader) prayer for the trip this whole summer was that the big moments would happen back in Vancouver, and not all in Mexico...and it is amazing to see how God is making that happen already.



I guess I didn't fully consider how starting a new job and moving to a new house would be a lot to handle at one time. But these are some of the funny combinations it has brought about:

1. Not cooking: because I don't have energy (due to job) nor a proper kitchen (due to moving)
2. My whole life revolves around packing, organizing, moving and unpacking (due to moving a new house, and due to setting up a new classroom)
3. Looking professional on the job: due to not having a working shower when first moving into our place, I take a backpack and shower supplies to my aunts and uncles' every morning to shower. I can't find my clothes, because I still haven't unpacked my closet. Once, I do find my clothes, I take a "laboring" outfit and a "professional" outfit to work everyday. The "labor" outfit is for moving and organizing the classroom, and the "professional" outfit is for meetings and home visits in the afternoons.

Luckily I have had some life-saving people in my life the last couple of weeks:
1. Bjørn: moved everything the first week and would work until 11pm every night, when my mind would stop functioning at 9pm.
2. Peter & Esther: My in-laws came up 2 weekends in a row to clean up our new place, clean up our old place, and move furniture in both houses, and make repairs around our new place.
3. John: My uncle oversaw and worked hard to install a working shower in our "new" house. As well, as helping move furniture and make repairs with Peter all around the house.
4. Mike & Marty: also did a deep clean of our new place, after their son, Mikal moved out to go to TWU.

Thank you to all of the Eides and Bulthuis'! I don't usually do props on my blog, but let's be honest: you guys deserved it this time.