What I love about Christmas...sweaters.

What better way to bring in the always overdone, way too corny and yet "festive" Christmas season than the classic Ugly Sweater Christmas party?! I can think of nothing better.

This is exactly what Jana, Amy and I attended Saturday evening at the Brown House (in Milner next to where Bjorn lived last year). The evening started off with the awkward 40 min. phase of waiting for the party start, which eventually led to the traditional white elephant gift exchange (which I definitely won w/ a ultimate disc and leather journal). The gift exchange naturally transitioned into a Christmas dance party featuring a circle, in which people performed "Christmas themed" dance moves. On the list of moves that Jana and I performed was: reindeer, elf, candy cane and pregnant Mother Mary (with Jesus under the sweater). After this, 20 of us climbed onto the very slanted roof and sang Christmas carols to Glover Rd, all of which were led by Michael Harloff, our honorary choir director.

After this party, we returned to the Fort (Langley) and had more fun at Bjorn, Dan and Mark's house. By the end of the evening Jana, Amy and I agreed that we all successfully pulled off a Christmas mother look from the mid nineties. Talk about a way to take a break from papers and finals!


A Christmas Greeting.

So, it's true, the snow has hit Canada, and it's been here for A week and a half now--this is major for BC! And for TWU students, who due to cancelled school have now had time to make up all of their work, it has been quite a nice experience.

I am rejoicing because I just had my last class and have finished 7 papers in the last 7 days (ranging from 2-12 pages) and now am ready to take at least a 2 day break before finals-writing!

Anyway, just wanted to put up a little Greeting Card my TWU friends and I made to get the Christmas spirit going, so much love from Ft. Langley.