Georgia Trip 2008 pictures are up. Highlights included:

Wednesday: swimming at a lake,
buying boiled peanuts from Fred's (disgusting!), checking out Helen (alpine village 10 min. from Jill's house), going to Rib Country (where Jillio works) for blackberry cobbler, buying watermelon and Georgia Peaches from a fruit stand, swimming AGAIN at the lake, reading by her pond, drinks in Helen

Thursday: roadtrip GA 2008 to Madison County to check out Antebellim houses

 (ya know, the ol southern plantation ones that have been around since slavery), biscuits gravy and ham dinner, watchin fire flies at the local Chuggin Hole

Friday: checking out a friend's garage sale (Southern folk love their flea markets and garage sales), swimming at a private pool with Jill's roommate, shopping at the outlets (LOVE a good deal), eating a catfish at a Southern Buffet

 tried moonshine, and watching a fireworks show.

Saturday: intertubing down the Chatahoochee River, swimming at the local country club where Jill's boyfriend is gonna work, dinner and margaritas at the Mexican restaurant, fireworks at the drag strip, first time trying Southern Comfort (TOO sweet). Leaving at 3:00am for the ATL to fly home.


Southern comfort

Hot dawg, I'm going to Georgia! 
Leaving next Tuesday morning and staying til Sunday. CRAZY. Bring on the flies, the critters, back country folk, and the heat....oh the heat. I will sweat for 5 days straight. And i will love every second of it.
Cuz I'm going to see this little lady.

Working at home.

Since I get a bit of brake from work, I have decided it's time for some cleaning out of the house. Hence, I have been going through all of my clothes and taking whatever I don't wear anymore to Foxxy Brown's, a "trendy women's consignment store", that just opened in Lynden. Maybe I can make a little cash money on my old stuff!

My next project is to clean up my desk, which means I am going to have to do a lot of organizing. (I haven't exactly been able to use my desk for about 2 1/2 months, due to all of the stuff piled up on it - oops!) 

and then it's onto the deep clean and selling of the intrepid!


Pulling it together

I have a job interview this morning. But I was in Vancouver from 10am-10pm yesterday for a baby shower, day care, and bible study, and thus came home at 11pm with a cold. I've gotta pull myself together for the interview - time to increase the meds. 

I have a feeling afterwards, I will spend the rest of the day sleeping. 


A perk with the school district

I wasn't aware that I was put on a 10-month payment plan, like all teachers are. So I was quite happy to find out that my paychecks will keep coming through the beginning of September, and that my benefits last as long as well. 

Thus, I have already been to the dentist and am getting my wisdom teeth pulled this summer. And I already got a new pair of glasses. Talk about good healthcare plans! 

Bjørn can you think of any reason you need to go to the doctor? It's on me this time ;)

Gifts galore

It seems just about every week Bjørn and I are getting gifts for people! In the last 2 months: 

  • 2 birthdays
  • 2 graduations
  • 1 baby shower
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
And I've got another baby shower Monday and a wedding reception at the end of the month. Spring sure is the time to be celebrating :) And I don't even wanna talk about summer!


My first day of freedom...

began with Bjørn waking me up as he got dressed. Apparently he didn't get the memo that I am on vacation! After having breakfast with Bjørn-o and getting him out the door, I had a cup of coffee in my french press.

I then spent 2 hours sending out emails - I still have to get enough kids to register for summer school. AND, I applied for/set up an interview to work for Children's House International, a non-profit adoption agency located in Ferndale. Next Tuesday. I did a little watering of the herb garden (which due to lack of a camera chord, I have not put up any pictures of), and read outside in the sun. Yes, it was sunny today, windy, but sunny. Oh yeah, I also went through all my clothes and began the process of taking clothes to the local consignment store. 

Now, I am going to make a pizza and wait for Bjørn to come home so we can go to Birch Bay for the evening - you never know, we could go another 3 weeks without sun!


This summer...

Bjørn and I just decided to go with our East Van youth to build a house in Mexico again this summer. Two summers ago when I worked for New Beginnings, I helped to coordinate the trip, which was our first time going. And it was amazing.  We built the 2000th home for YWAM's Sand Diego base.
Bjørn and I weren't going to sign up as leaders this summer because we didn't feel like God was pulling us that direction. But when the team couldn't find any guy leaders to go, we decided to step up and be the answer to that prayer (pretty cool how God can use any of us in that way). We're both stoked to be going...I can't really think of anything I'd rather be doing this summer.

Crashing the SeaTac airport.
Crashing Mexico