Becoming Dutch

After all the uncertainty with where we were going to live, Bjorn and I wound up living in Lynden, WA at the Eide compound (where Bjorn lived and worked for 2 summers).

Bjorn made such an impression on all the TWU computer science guys, that they hired him on as a full-time programmer, developing software for financial aid. We are staying with the extended fam for now. But we just set up a lease for house in downtown Lynden, which we don't get until Sept 1st. In the next couple of weeks I will be looking for jobs in Lynden and/or Bellingham and moving us in.

For now, it is quite fun living on the compound with all the Eides. Marti, Bjorn's aunt, even welcomed us with a poster and made Bjorn carry me over the threshold. It is pretty fun to be staying in the house that Bjorn's grandparents and great grandparents have lived in. As Marti wrote on the sign: "Home of hte wedded bliss...120 years and counting!" Check out the picture below.

Honeymoon memories

For anyone that didn't hear, Bjorn surprised me (as in I didn't know until the wedding night) with a trip to a resort in Cancun, Mexico. His aunts and uncles, the Eides, have a timeshare and gave us a week down there.

We were supposed to be put in a standard resort room, but for some reason, perhaps because they found it was our honeymoon, we were bumped up to the fanciest suite. So we wound up with 2 bedroom suite, complete with a kitchen, dining room, living room, jacuzzi tub, and infinity pool on the balcony. Needless to say, there wasn't much reason for leaving the room!

Lounging in the outdoor pools and palapas (the outdoor bed huts) and going to the spa daily is pretty much all we did. The flamingos outside our room was definitely my favorite part. I made Bjorn visit them with me everyday.

This link shows the 5 photos we have up so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bulthuisp/
(Due to a lack of wireless internet right now, I haven't been able to upload any more, but I will.)

Wedding pictures

ok, I don't have wedding pics back but a lot of people have been asking me for links to photos online, so these are the couple of spots where I know pictures are posted.

These are a couple of shots that our friend and photographer, Rhonda Fast posted. http://web.mac.com/earlfast/iweb/Rhonda%20Fast%20Photography/Blog/792442A5-96B3-4833-9F52-DF9B7FE84ECA.html

These are shots that Bjorn's dad, Peter, took and got from people. It includes week before, rehearsal dinner, day of, and honeymoon shots. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bulthuisp
(You have to search through his 3 most recent pages of photos.)

And aside from albums people put up on facebook, that is all i got. I will be getting my pictures back next week. My photographer is on vacation. So once I get those I'll put the best ones up.