The flying adventure

the farewell in the airport
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What a crazy time flying over to England! When I arrived at the airport (with my dad) Jana and Sarah were there to greet me. They drove all the way down from Seattle just to say goodbye. I can't think of anything better than getting to see them! we were so loud though; I'm pretty sure the whole airport was getting annoyed with us. When I had to say goodbye, I went and got in line with all these other grumpy, tired people while Sarah and Jana were yelling at the top of their lungs, "Bye Jenny! We'll miss you! Have a good flight. We love you!!" It was hilarious. The guy in front of me, turned around and whispered, "That is quite the send-off. They must really like you." I smiled really big, and said "yeah, they're amazing friends."

My original flight was changed due to weather so I flew into Chicago and then from Chicago to London I flew in business class, it was almost too nice. I actually asked the stewardess if I had the right seat and she just laughed and told me yes. We had filet mignon for the main course...and it was good! That just doesn't happen on a plane! And I must have been offered champagne at least 6 times, and everytime I had almost finished my glass of wine they filled it up again. It was incredible service.
I was so tired by the time I arrived in London, that I almost didn't go into the city. I was seriously debating just sleeping, but I made myself go, and then I flew out to Riga, Latvia that night at 7:30pm. I arrived in Riga right before New Years and did the countdown at the baggage claim...everyone was yelling in Latvian and I was the only one yelling, "Happy New Year!" Haha...oh well. I spent the next 2 days in Riga with my friend, Renalda and her family. She is Latvian, but spent sophomore year of high school in Oregon, where we became friends. So tomorrow we will take a 6 hour bus ride to Klaipeda, Lithuania where I will be going to school. I'm excited to see what the dorm I'll be living in will be like (fingers crossed).