the wall...between east and west

Yesterday I landed down in Berlin, Germany. I spent the day hanging out with one of Stephanie´s friends from Juneau, Woody. We went to a soccer match at Olympia stadium, West Berlin won of course! After bratworsts and more trains than I can remember...he took me to the wall.

I stood there in the -5 degree weather, freezing, but staring in amazement. Only a small section of the wall, maybe 2 miles in length remains, but it is enough to get an idea of what it was like. The wall is now covered in local artwork, with murals of Stalin and Hitler, children, and different people. The most interesting thing to me was standing at a hole in the wall looking through to the "West", being able to see it, but imagining the people not being able to get in...for almost 30 years it separated the East from the West, and the East could not get through.

Later that night we went to the movie Sophie Scholl, about an anti-nazi girl that stood up for what she believed and was killed for it during Hitler´s rule. It was by far the most interesting movie I´ve ever watched. What an interesting day.