My first weekend home

I admit, I've done a bad job of not posting for a few weeks now...and to all of my faithful readers, I'm sorry. Well... finally I am home and getting adjusted to Northwest life again. I brought home a Spanish flu (gracias for that Jana!) and was sick for the whole first week. Then Bjorn came down for the weekend. Yes, I was very excited. After having dated for 5 months, it was nice to actually spend a couple of days in person with him. Jill finally graduated from high school so my family had a small party for her. We kind just hung out around Blodgett for the weekend, because I was still feeling sick and Oregon weather has been so unpredictable and random this year.

If you wanna see pictures of Jill's big day and of the weekend, check out Bjorn's flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/bjornb/ Oh yeah, there's also pictures of when he threw Dirka Dirka (our cat) in the river: it was really funny.