The Semester of Changes

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The Semester of Changes:

Coming back to Trinity this semester was different for several reasons: being gone a semester, having only 2 out of your 4 best friends back, living off-campus, doing a new ministry (w/i Youth Extreme), and yeah, having a boyfriend, and in general, a new group of friends.

I’ve heard from some friends that it’s been a bad semester for them and that most people they’ve talked to feel the same. I was a little surprised when I heard that. I guess it made me think how I felt.

I don’t like living in the past, feeling that a time before the present was better than now. I guess I am more the living in the present, excited for the future kind of girl. I suppose that deeply affects the way I view my present moment. But honestly, after thinking over the semester, uploading pictures to flickr of all the things I’ve done, I realize that for me at least, it’s been an incredible time.

No it wasn’t any adventure in Europe (which I do reminisce about sometimes, in my mind), but it was just as amazing in a completely different way. So let’s see what has happened:
 I moved into a new house with Jana, and “Fort Romance” began.
 I helped lead a bible study with Janine for senior high YE girls—that hasn’t happened for 5 years.
 Hanging out in the Milner neighborhood.
 Amy came to visit for Halloween, a huge success as always!
 I went to a Sigur Ros concert, a dream of mine for 2 years.
 I had the amazing opportunity to help out with 40 other TWU students in New Orleans over Fall Break.
 Thanksgiving at home with my family.
 Snow in Ft. Langley.
 Winning the Intramural Soccer Championships (Steph that goal was incredible!).
 Ooh, ohh! Jana and I got a new roommate, Britney (what a blessing!)
 4 letters: L-O-S-T
 Sarah came to visit right before break