A Christmas Greeting.

So, it's true, the snow has hit Canada, and it's been here for A week and a half now--this is major for BC! And for TWU students, who due to cancelled school have now had time to make up all of their work, it has been quite a nice experience.

I am rejoicing because I just had my last class and have finished 7 papers in the last 7 days (ranging from 2-12 pages) and now am ready to take at least a 2 day break before finals-writing!

Anyway, just wanted to put up a little Greeting Card my TWU friends and I made to get the Christmas spirit going, so much love from Ft. Langley.


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Polythene Pam said...

haha, that's funny, this must be a new trend. My cousin turned me on to jumping photos this summer. We did some great family portraits through that medium.
Yay, I get to see you in a week!