Call me crazy for writing another blog post so soon, or even for staying up til 12:30 when I have to teach 6-year-olds for 3 hours tomorrow, but I thought I'd actually post something up to date to the day! I know, I KNOW!
After teaching at my practicum today and writing lesson plans for tomorrow, Pamela came over and we went for a lovely late spring walk. We picked may flowers and made wreaths, or princess crowns if you will. We then proudly displayed them around all of Blodgett.

My dad kinda thought we were weird. but we didn't care.


The Classiest Graduation ever

~When at the Little White House, dress in white! [Jill & I]~

Graduation day itself was a classy affair. It started off with a little shopping around Ft. Langley, a luncheon at the Little White House [where my family stayed all weekend], and then graduation itself. All to be topped off with dinner at Fox & Fiddle, and a drink out with my sisters.

~hat shopping with Whitney~

Chucky Cheese: how could I have forgot about you?

Graduation weekend was the best time my family has ever had up in Canada. Dad and Jill arrived Friday morning, while Jeff and Whit got into Langley around 7:00pm. We went to Earls for a good dinner, before heading over to Colossus for an IMAX viewing of 300. Due to a huge wait at Earls, we all decided to ditch it for pizza and a party at Chucky Cheeses.We agree that we had forgotten how amazing Chucky Cheese's was. My favorite was the ski ball. Jill personally liked the helicopter ride. I think her personal favorite though, was dancing in front of the camera with Whitney for the whole place to see!

Guess who is finally back?

Now that I am done with school and able to relax a little at home, I can start on my blog again. Here is a picture from Engagement night at the restaurant Bjorn and I went to overlooking the inlet. I've been meaning to post this for awhile. Enjoy.