Time for a makeover

With school finally over and 3 weddings down, it is time for the Christensens house to get a bit of a makeover, inside and out. Outside: This week the lower deck was completed by Steve Adams (family friend and finished carpenter).
He is now working to complete the stairway to connect the house level with the lower "wedding" field.
Jill has been out this week painting trim all around the house.

On the inside: I have been cleaning and organizing different areas, while Dad has been working to set up the shower in Jill's old bathroom, or I guess it looks like he's been setting up the phone in the shower...
Oh yeah, and earlier this month, Jana, Kevin, Whitney and even Bjorn helped to set up some lights in the trees outside our house.
It is a busy time. There is SO much to do! And even though a lot of people have been helping out, we are still in a terrible state. Please, send help if you can!! ;)

Jennifer Christensen