Mexican Fiesta

I completely forgot to take pictures today, but Bjørn and I threw one kick butt Mexican fiesta for the Eide clan as a thank-you for the honeymoon present they gave us. It was complete with homemade spicy salsa, mango salsa, guacamole, enchiladas, shrimp soft tacos, black bean-corn ensalada, mexican rice and cinnamon crisps for dessert! Just writing about it now, makes me hungry all over again. Luckily we have lots of leftovers.

Once again, thank you Eides for the King suite at the Grand Mayan, Cancun style. Increible!

signed Jenny & Bjørn


The New Vintage.242

So our church has moved not only to Sunday mornings at 9:45am, but we also decided to hit up a new spot, the Grand 6 cinemas on Fraser Hwy in Abbotsford. Bjørn and I have have a bit of a rough adjustment as we've had to be there at 7.30 or 8.00 am Sunday mornings for the past 3 weeks. So far, the new setup is great, and a bunch of different people have been coming.

Anyway, here is a picture of the "lobby"/theater concession stand. Click here, to see our friend, Chris Madge's shots of the theater. Oh and check out the vintage website that Bjørn is always updating. (He is working on creating a members site...very cool.)


After rejoicing about a canceled camping trip, Bjørn and I spent Saturday going to the bank to finally add me to the account. That's right folks, i have full access to Bjørn's $$ (well technically, i'm still waiting for the temporary debit card, but almost!) Bjørn then spent the rest of the day serving me by meticulously cleaning the kitchen, making me lunch, and setting up an "at-home-date." We made pizza, using my bread machine to make the dough, and as you can tell from the picture, it was quite delicious. We are both enjoying learning to make good food.

Sunday was again a very early morning as Bjørn and I did set-up, he played in worship team, and I lead Kids Sunday school. We went out to lunch at Swiss Chalet, a Canadian classic. After a busy morning, we again returned to Lynden to take a Sunday nap. Dillon Honcoop and his girlfriend, Tiff, stopped by later in the day to invite us to all-you-can-eat fish-n-chips at BossTweed in Bellingham. What a treat it was.


Wedding photo time.

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Guess who got flickr back?

It took a big long fight but I finally got my flickr account back, and it feels BEAUTIFUL! That means i got months of pictures to catch up on. Todays shots are the couple i got from my grad weekend up in B.C. Enjoy. Much more to come. (including Wedding shots, so be patient.)


down down down time

After a busy week and a quick weekend visit to Southworth to spend the day with Bjørn's family, Bjørn and I got up around 6am this morning to help out at church. I was in charge of leading sunday school today and Bjørn helped with set-up, clean up and running the powerpoint during church. We had about 15 new people at church today. It is cool to see a variety of people coming to Vintage. By noon, we were exhausted, and barely made it home to take a 3 1/2 hour nap. I woke up to Bjørn making dinner (and watching video podcasts of course).

Sometimes, down time can be the best thing before the beginning of a new week. Tuesday I am meeting the head of Human Resources for the Lynden School District to discuss a temporary 4-6 week fill in job as an ESL Paraeducator. Just getting my foot in the door ;) That's the latest from the land of the Dutch.


New house, new life.

Thanks to the help of Bjørn's family and Mike and Marti, Bjørn and I fully moved into our new house. I CANNOT tell you how good it feels! I am so glad we chose the house over an apartment. Having space is great. Anyway, here is a pic. or two of the outside so you can get an idea of what the place looks like. Unfortunately, no internet til next Wednesday, so don't expect any blogs before then!

(This is taken when I first saw the place, so this is the previous renter's decorations)