Jerry did it again!

Tonight I went with all the Eide girls: Kay, Bria, Marti and Marika to see the Bee Movie. Good ol Jerry Seinfeld was the lead bee character, Barry, and I must say it was pretty funny. I found the "bee jokes" to be amusing, rather than overdone, and the plot provided a good lesson in the importance of bees. Without giving away the story, the bees go to court to demand that humans stop taking away all their honey and forcing bees to live on huge bee farms. But the end result of returning the honey is not what the bees expected. There was a subtle theme I found rather applicable to our present culture. Barry demands for the complete freedom and separation of honey from humans, only to find that complete bee liberation and separation is not the best, not only for humans, but bees alike.

Some pretty good messages for being a "kids movie"!

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laura said...

Hey Jenny! Thanks for finding me! I'll add you to my list! :) I loved all your wedding photos!! I was sad that I couldn't be there, but it looks like everyone had a ball!

Polythene Pam said...

So here's the thing. Maybe they didn't do it on the West coast but for the last few weeks, every episode of the office has been accompanied by these really long cheesy advertisements for Bee Movie with Jerry Sinfeld being uncharictaristically not funny at all. After that... I just don't think I could handle watching it. But now that you've given such a rave review, perhaps I'll have to rething my position... once it comes out on video.