this one's for marti

My dear Aunt Marti is one those blog readers, who is very good about checking peoples' blogs and getting on family members (Peter will understand) when they drop the ball on updates. We're sorry. And yet, today for the first time, I asked myself, why doesn't Marti have a blog? (Sorry I had to tease just a little Marti!) She of course is right though, in bugging me.

Anyway, I haven't updated my blog for awhile, mostly because, aside from a quick weekend trip Bjørn and I took, my life has been depressing. Some of you might think that's a figure of speech, but I'm serious. I think I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I looked it up on wikipedia, and self-diagnosed. I mean honestly, what is going on with this weather?! When it started snowing a blizzard here in Lynden this Friday, I decided to just give up and ship myself FedEx express to Florida. Now some reading this may think, "Jenny, aren't you being a tad bit over-dramatic and exaggerative?" To which I would respond, "Have I ever been known to exaggerate in my whole ENTIRE life?!"   ;)

In other news, as of yesterday, I am back on the job market. I had to ask my boss some tough questions about next school year, to which she replied like a champ, "I have no idea!" due to major budget cuts, and recommended I start looking up some other jobs. I truly appreciate having a boss that will straight-shoot me. Having found an awesome opportunity working with the county to plan low-income housing in Whatcom, I stayed up til 12:30am last night and worked until 4:30pm today to send in my application (15 pg. process). 

And now I am exhausted. And have no idea what to make for dinner. Maybe I'll tell Bjørn we're not having dinner? :)