Koneecheewa Dan & Jurie!

Say goodbye to these guys..., originally uploaded by The Enforcer.

Our x-roommates and good friends from TWU, Dan and Julie, are off to Korea to teach ESL and make cash money in a month! But they left BC and us this last weekend.

As a send-off, Bjørn and I set up using our Uncles' cabin (just south of Bham) at Cain Lake. The weather was awesome enough to spend a lot of time canoeing and boating out on the peaceful lake (no motorboats allowed)... and of course, a little Settlers in the evening! I still have yet to win a single Settlers game, yet somehow I am convinced it is a good game (weird?!).

We took lots of pictures, but they are all sitting on Dan and Julie's camera waiting to be uploaded and sent to me. So until then, here is a shot from February, when Jana, Julie and I had a girls weekend at the cabin.

P.S. I realize that "Koneecheewa" is Japanese, not Korean. One of our friends kept saying koneecheewa, because he didnt' know any Korean!