the bottomless hole...

going down...
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Stepping onto the escalator, I stared ahead searching for our final destination. The stairs kept going down, like it was a bottomless hole. From that moment, I knew this trip would be unlike any I had or ever would go on.

Welcome to Russia: fur hats and blistering cold weather greet you. There are the babushkas and elaborate buildings, ladies selling cats in the market to Turkish kabobas. Russians take great pride in doing things well and use a great deal of money to make everything look nice—especially their metro stations. Who’s heard of statues and chandeliers in a metro stations? Only in Russia!

Highlights from today:
  • Red Square shots
  • Photo shoot with Russian Army Men
  • Touring the Kremlin
  • Spraying medicine in Peggy’s mouth in a Public Restroom, while all the Russian women stared at us in confusion
  • seeing the elaborate metro stations
  • "€œAnd this was supposed to motivate Russians to kill their grandmas?" One of our leaders'€™ comment, while looking @ a statue of a soviet girl standing proudly with a gun
  • Superstitious Russians: they are superstitious about everything. While in the metro station, I noticed the nose of a statue of a dog was shiny gold, because as people passed by they would rub his nose. And I found coins in the hand of several statues.
  • Josh getting busted by one of the babushkas for taking pictures in the Metro (definitely not allowed)
  • €œThe De La Guerda Show”: an experimental, interactive, and very crazy show performed by a group from Brazil
  • Renalda and I screaming as the acrobats were flying around us
  • One of the actors hugging and kissing Renalda
  • Justas (a Lithuanian) showing me how American boys dance—his point was that they can'€™t!
  • Walking to the Metro station with 10 other people covered in confetti and water after the "€œDe La Guerda Show"