The Hill of Crosses

Marmie's cross
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7.00 am~ we left for Russia. Our first stop was outside of Siauliai (still in Lithuania) @ the Hill of Crosses. This is by far my favorite place in Lithuania, perhaps in the whole world.
"It is a symbol of suffereing, hope and unaltered faith of the Lithuanian people."
Here is the story: Lithuanian rebels were secretly buried @ this site where a castle used to stand around 1863. The people regarded the hill as a sacred place. By 1900, over 100 crosses were standing. During Soviet occupation, Soviet authorities wanted to destroy the hill. 1961: it was first devastated. The Soviet tried to destroy the hll for almost two decades, but after atch time it was reborn again. On September 7, 1993 Pope John Paul II visited the hill of crosses and blessed Lithuania and all Europe from the place.
"We come here in the moment of suffereing and joy. We come full of hope, love and faith."
~commentary on hill of crosses~

I have loved this place since I visited it two years ago (when I was on a missions trip in Latvia), but there is something different about standing at the bottom of the hill, gazing on the overpowering number of crosses in the dead of winter; the snow has covered the entire place in a peaceful, enchanting atmsophere. Today, I bought a cross to hang up for my mom. The anniversary of her passing onto Heaven is Mar. 11 so in honor of her, I hung a cross of hope and remembrance.

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Polythene Pam said...

I remember the hill of crosses. It was one of the more memorable experiences of my 2 months there. I'm glad we have that memory together. I miss you so much Jenny!

My Fair Lady said...

Yeah, it is such a cool thing to have memories of different places in the world to share with a friend, like you my Darling Anne with an E.


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