Day #1 New Orleans: The First Flash

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The First Flash:

Everything has been a dizzy, hazy, blur. Just moving along, not actually knowing or feeling much. Then suddenly, we are flying into New Orleans and I begin to see it. I tried desperately to peer over the Joe between me and the plane window.

First flash was water, swamps all around, and a small river. Houses began to appear. Most of them looked fairly nice. Was this the New Orleans I had heard about on the news with snipers and destruction everywhere? I guess it is true that appearances almost always are deceiving. The next second a huge pile of rubbage came into view, what used to houses. More houses dotted the landscape, some completely perfect and some with junk piles spread in between. An occasional roof was covered with a blue tarp, which I later leaned signified the house had lots its roof.
Overall, it didn’t seem THAT shocking. One of the guys sitting near a girl on our team shared that the specific route the plane flew was the through the least affected area. Finally, we left the airport and headed of New Orleans to Covington over the “World’s longest bridge” Not kidding—30 miles long. To be honest, it was 30 miles of disappointment to me. It was hardly a bridge, just a low-lying road over water. It was pretty though because all we could see what water. I feel like there will be some interesting dynamics at the church, Trinity Church, where we’re staying. I think some people are getting grumpy from the tight living situations. I’m anticipating a great experience though. The people I’ve met so far are more than kind. It’s all in God’s hands now.