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Sigur Ros concert
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I had been waiting for Tuesday, September 27 2005 for about 2 years. Ever since I was shown Sigur Ros, an Icelandic experimental style band, first year of Trinity, I’ve wanted to go to their concert. Finally on the night came last Tuesday. I took Bjorn for our first date of being back at Tdub. The setting was impressive: the Orpheium theatre is pretty fancy. It was both of our first times there.

Everything seemed to work out well: we were walking up to the door and saw a huge line, but just as we were beginning to turn and walk to the back, Jolene, one of Bjorn’s friends from Trinity yelled at us. They were at the very front and we snuck in with them, so we maybe waited 30 seconds total. We found out later that the line went clear around the block, so it was awesome. And it gave us time to be able to check out all of the Sigur Ros clothes for sale. I bought an EP of the opening band playing: “Animane”, which is actually a sideproject of Sigur Ros; the four girls in the band started their own band, a very different, but appealing style of music.

Sigur Ros, was incredible. They have amazing presence on the stage: their music is so beautiful, and the way they used lights and images on the screen behind them was creative and unique. I was able to get a couple of pictures, and 3 videos. I will try to figure out how to post the videos online soon.

Well, I know SOOO many of you have been worried about me being “homeless” back up at Trinity (my roommate, Jana and I preferred the term “in transition” actually;)). But we found a place to live, and let me tell you this was no hole in the wall. We live behind the Lamplighter Café in downtown Ft. Langley, by far my favorite place around Trinity. Across the street is the grocery store and hardware store—could we be any more small historic town? I don’t really think it’s possible. Haha, but I love where we live. Bjorn helped decide that our place has “romance”. It is a very old place, with hardwood floors, a covered patio outside and courtyard with ivy growing over the fence. It truly is Romance (like from the Romance period, not love style romance). Everyone that lives in Ft. Langley calls it “the Fort.” So we cleverly came up with the name “Fort Romance” for our apartment.

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Polythene Pam said...

Aw Jen, rather than expressing my EXTREME jealousy (oh woops, just did) will take this opportunity to tell you how terribly happy I am for you getting to see them. Oh my, I'm sure it was unbelievable. Also I sometimes forget that it was actually you who turned me on to them and as they are now one of my favorite current day bands I owe you a huge debt of gratidude for it!
I love you forever and always,
Anne of Green Gables

Peggy said...

hey nerd...did you get my postcard and letter yet??? I sent the postcard awhile ago...anyways I hope that you are doing amazing!
miss your guts!

Polythene Pam said...

Jenny, just face it, you are rotten at blogging. It's ok... I still love you.

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