An intense beginning

Everyone seems to love the beginning of a new semester: excitement of new classes, hanging out with friends again, NOT having papers and exams...really it is one of the best times of being in college.

I love the beginning too. But mine has been much different than I expected. After being around my brother and dad (both car guys) for the last 3 1/2 weeks, 2 days upon arriving in Canada my car began acting up. This was unfortunate. After fixing the fuel filter and still having problems, I had to cave in and take it to the Chrysler dealership. Apparently there were way more problems than I could have known, $1500 worth of problems.

More serious than that though, Senior High (high school) Youth Extreme lost its coordinator due to moving back home, and its only guy leader due to problems back home. With no other volunteers, I am left as the sole person who has stepped up to lead the senior high group. Yet, I am still co-leading a mid-week bible study. It is impossible to do both, so please anyone, everyone, pray that another leader is brought up to split the responsibilites (and privileges!) of coordinating the senior high group. We have a retreat in 2 weekends which we are going to try do a lot of planning for tonight.

I also did a 9 hour weekend class this past Friday and Saturday. I am so glad to have this class over with at the beginning of the semester, but it has definitely added to the busyness and chaos of the last week. In truth, I am not stressed right now, but I fear for stress and becoming overwhelmed in the upcoming weeks.

On a good note, I got to go snowboarding Sunday morning with Bjorn up at Seymour (where we have passes). At one point it was snowing on us and sunny in the distance, just about as beautiful as you could ask for. I think that snowflakes are one of my favorite creations of God. Their intricacy still amazes me as an "almost adult". Rock on for snowflakes God!!


Disappointment vs. Excitement

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I think this is the only appropriate way to describe my New Year’s, or perhaps more accurately put: Excitement despite the disappointments. Excitement is because of the people I spent it with: Ms. Jana Otte came from Seattle and Ms. Amy Nielsen from Calgary, Alberta (or is it Alberta, Calgary Jana?) to have a night on the town in Portland, Oregon. Well Amy and I experienced the frustrations of trying to find a place that allowed minors in (poor Jana and I are only 20), not that we wanted to drink, but there were a lot of good jazz clubs and lounges we wanted to explore, but we were rejected (usually they allow minors, but not on New Year’s Eve). So in the end, we went to McMenaman’s at Kennedy School. Kennedy school is an old elementary school from the 20’s that has been turned into well, I don’t know if there is a name for it, perhaps a dinner theatre. It consists of 3 different rooms were small little bars/lounges, there was an auditorium with live music (which of course, we were not allowed into, but listened to intently from the hallway), a gymnasium with more live shows, and McMenaman’s, the restaurant. Overall, it is quite the place.

We left there around 10ish to head downtown to Pioneer Square—they always drop a mini-ball like in NYC….apparently NOT this year though. We waited along with over 300 people for this ball (which was present!) to drop and nothing. No countdown, no fireworks like 2 years ago when I was there. Nothing. The one cool thing was that there was a 3-mile midnight run, that started right on the New Year. Too bad Amy and I didn’t know about it before, we surely would have joined in…what a cool idea though eh? Ring in the New Year with a fun-run!

All in all, we had a great time…but it certainly was not what we had thought it was going to be…I am glad that soon I will be 21. Not because I feel the need to drink alcohol, but simply so that I can explore interesting jazz clubs and other funky restaurants. It is like a whole new world will be opened to me. And in this new world, I do hope that Aladdin greets me, in full suit, with his flying carpet, to show me this “dazzling new place I never knew!” March is not so far away!!