Why Chrysler "got served!"

Some of you probably heard what happened already with my car. If not check out Peter's blog. Many of you can imagine the range of feelings I probably felt: Anger, frustration, confusion, hopelessness...the list goes on. Actually though, I wasn't THAT upset about it. I think a lot of it had to due with how awesome the weekend was up at Big White. It was a beautiful time up there: good food, good company, beautiful mountain, incredible view...so really in comparison crappy car put into the mix can't cancel out all the fun.

But when the car crisis did occur (Monday morning around 10 am), I had to get my game face on. I called Langley Chrysler and gave them a piece of my mind several times. Luckily my car was not permanently damaged, but as I found out today the total bill @ Kelowna Chrysler was $707.55 CDN (including the tow from Big white, which was only $200). This was disheartening for sure. Around 10:30 this morning I went into Langley Chrysler to discuss why I hadn't been told about needing a coolant flush.

After 30 minutes of discussion, a couple of tears later, the service manager, Mike Williams coaxed Kelowna Chrysler to give him a discount, bringing it down to $576. He said they'd pay the bill for now, and then wanted me to pay half of it later ($288 CDN). Well, I wasn't quite pleased with this result. They did NOT take full responsibility, because it had been recorded in the back by a technician as needing coolant. Mike told me that some one had mentioned the coolant flush while talking to me over the phone. I hadn't authorized it, so they just dropped it. The weird thing is though that I talked to Andre three times after that, and asked him what was important to do on my car and he took me through a list of 10 things, but never mentioned the coolant again. My dad, who took the news rather well, couldn't understand why they would let me leave the shop in the middle of winter, with a coolant that was the consistency of water.

I couldn't either. I finally called back and after a 15-minute discussion/argument with Mike about their poor communication, he agreed to me only paying $200. I agreed to this because the coolant flush alone cost $120, which I would have had to have paid for if I had originally got it. Talk about an ordeal and a lot of time.

My dad gave me an A on my work...he was quite impressed. I am too, but I am so glad it's over. I hate arguing with people.

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Southworth Sailor said...

I am very impressed with your diplomatic skills! Please teach some to our son.

Polythene Pam said...

Ah Jenny, that sucks so much! I HATE crap like that, and I know you do too. Sounds like you did great though, and I'm not surprized, I've seen you get your game face on... not something I hope to ever be on the recieving end of! I would have totally cried as well... but hey it probably ends up helping in the long run.
It's weird to be our age huh, you keep having to do stuff of this sort for the first time - like all that crap with getting my computer fixed. It's really frustrating and horrible but in the end it feels pretty dang good. Like the rights of passage no one tells you you'll have to make, things that make you a woman. And you my dear friend, are most definetly a WOOOOman!
I love you and I miss you a ton!

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