My Valentine's Present...

My Valentine's Present...
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I have been longed delayed in needing to tell this story. So Valentine's day...

Bjorn had told me to leave an hour free in the afternoon. I didn't really think we were going to do anything that big, which was fine. I didn't mind either way. Well, was I ever wrong!!

The night before Bjorn told me we were going flying. I couldn't quite comprehend this at first, and then when I did, i went so crazy that I made Bjorn carry me around the living room with my arms in spread-arm, "airplane position" to prepare for the next day. It was a beautiful day, perfect conditions minus a bit of wind.

We were stoked, well Bjorn was a bit nervous getting into the plane (it was cute). Caleb, who had just a year ago gotten his pilot's license, was a professional. Once we were in the air, and Bjorn and I had our first "ooos,aaahs" and "wows", Caleb looked back and said, "Welcome to my world."

I replied, "Caleb i love your world." We really got the best of everything: the day was perfectly clear, air traffic was free so we got to fly over downtown Vancouver, and then out to Horseshoe Bay, and of course over our houses and TWU. (I waved to everybody there and was quite upset that none of my friends bothered to wave back! ;)) It was fields, mountains and skyscrapers--honestly, what more could a girl ask for?!

The whole ride there were a couple of bumps and hops due to the wind...not a big deal I thought, until the ride back. Caleb whipped out a bit of a fancy turnaround (gave the sensation of a roller coaster), and that's when the feeling began. It was a slowly growing stomach sickness.

The rest of the trip back was spent with me silently watching the beauty and trying to hold on. It didn't too bad in the plane, but by the time we were back on ground...i knew i wasn't doing well. Luckily there was no vommitting, I just couldn't drive and had to sleep off the feeling for an hour and a half. A minor event in the mix of an incredible adventure.

I've haven't spent anytime bragging in peoples' face about my boyfriend, but after this, I think it goes without saying: Bjorn proved himself again to be one freaking cool guy.

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Polythene Pam said...

Aw, yay! 3 cheers for Bjorn! Jenny, you need to find me one like him? Or maybe I need to find one for myself. Or maybe I don't need to... God will find him for me. I hope he's a little taller than Bjorn though, but whatever... ;-) So glad to hear you had fun.

My Fair Lady said...

I think you're doing pretty good advertising with your profile picture as you cooking in the kitchen with an apron on: if that doesn't say "ready and willing to be a housewife" right there, i don't know what will!!! hahaha ;)

Polythene Pam said...

I could say I've never noticed that before... but it wouldn't be altogether true ;-). Then again... neither is the ready willing housewife part...

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