relaxed in the midst of stress

So tomorrow is July. The 28 day countdown for the wedding begins. And for some reason, I don't feel stressed. Is there something wrong with me? Is it because everything is finished? No. Is it because I am so organized that everything is under control? I WISH i was that person! Is it because I know everything will fall into place? perhaps.

Whichever reason it is, I'm glad to feel relaxed. There is a lot to still be done, but from now on, it is all details. The house doesn't have to be completely reorganized and perfect for the wedding; it'd be nice to have the decks stained but no one will think less of the party if they aren't; and true, our barn is a faded pink compared to its normal bright red brilliance... but these things are all minor in compared to the big celebration we have prepared. and the celebration is even minor in comparison to the reason for which we are throwing it, the beginning of a marriage.

I am more than excited for the wedding, don't get me wrong. But i am beginning to feel myself anticipating much more, the beginning of a whole new life. With somebody. the best somebody i know. so this one goes out to the bear ;)


Time for a makeover

With school finally over and 3 weddings down, it is time for the Christensens house to get a bit of a makeover, inside and out. Outside: This week the lower deck was completed by Steve Adams (family friend and finished carpenter).
He is now working to complete the stairway to connect the house level with the lower "wedding" field.
Jill has been out this week painting trim all around the house.

On the inside: I have been cleaning and organizing different areas, while Dad has been working to set up the shower in Jill's old bathroom, or I guess it looks like he's been setting up the phone in the shower...
Oh yeah, and earlier this month, Jana, Kevin, Whitney and even Bjorn helped to set up some lights in the trees outside our house.
It is a busy time. There is SO much to do! And even though a lot of people have been helping out, we are still in a terrible state. Please, send help if you can!! ;)

Jennifer Christensen


locked out

The sad truth is that I logged out of my flickr account one day, and now because I do not know my yahoo ID/email I can't get back in! When flickr switched over to yahoo, I waited until the end to change my account name. Yahoo didn't have my preferred ID names available, so whatever I chose, I now do not remember.

The recovering account section will not accept my gmail email address, so now I am stuck on the outside, as a non-flickr member. No more posting pictures, no more adding comments to other peoples' pictures. I MUST get to the bottom of this!

In other news, I finished all of my college papers, and now just need to send off the final portfolio for my practicum. I can't tell you how good it will feel once everything is sent off.