Wedding pictures

ok, I don't have wedding pics back but a lot of people have been asking me for links to photos online, so these are the couple of spots where I know pictures are posted.

These are a couple of shots that our friend and photographer, Rhonda Fast posted. http://web.mac.com/earlfast/iweb/Rhonda%20Fast%20Photography/Blog/792442A5-96B3-4833-9F52-DF9B7FE84ECA.html

These are shots that Bjorn's dad, Peter, took and got from people. It includes week before, rehearsal dinner, day of, and honeymoon shots. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bulthuisp
(You have to search through his 3 most recent pages of photos.)

And aside from albums people put up on facebook, that is all i got. I will be getting my pictures back next week. My photographer is on vacation. So once I get those I'll put the best ones up.