Becoming Dutch

After all the uncertainty with where we were going to live, Bjorn and I wound up living in Lynden, WA at the Eide compound (where Bjorn lived and worked for 2 summers).

Bjorn made such an impression on all the TWU computer science guys, that they hired him on as a full-time programmer, developing software for financial aid. We are staying with the extended fam for now. But we just set up a lease for house in downtown Lynden, which we don't get until Sept 1st. In the next couple of weeks I will be looking for jobs in Lynden and/or Bellingham and moving us in.

For now, it is quite fun living on the compound with all the Eides. Marti, Bjorn's aunt, even welcomed us with a poster and made Bjorn carry me over the threshold. It is pretty fun to be staying in the house that Bjorn's grandparents and great grandparents have lived in. As Marti wrote on the sign: "Home of hte wedded bliss...120 years and counting!" Check out the picture below.

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Polythene Pam said...

I've read this a few times, but I realized I hadn't commented yet, and since I know how hard it is to keep posting when no one comments I figured I oughta. Yay for being Dutch! Yay for being carried over the threshold! I'm sure you're being an amazing wife. We should talk soon, I really want to hear how it's all going for you.

Kent said...

It was great to read about what has happened since the wedding. I am very happy for you. Bjorn has been blessed with a wonderful wife!