Does the tree of life...

...in Genesis 3:24 still exist on the Earth? Is it still being guarded by cherubim and a totally awesome flaming sword that turns in every direction? -Ask Anything, Mars Hill Church

K, so I totally stole this post from Bjørn, but we did find this question together so I guess it's not fully a theft. right? Anyway, Ask Anything is Mars Hill newest q&a site, in which anyone can write a question to head pastor Mark Driscoll, and then people can vote for which questions they want him to answer, and at the end of the week, he writes a response to the #1 question. Pretty cool idea.

And anyone that knows Bjørn and I well, know that we are big fans of Mars Hill and Driscoll. Being somewhat techny nerds (Bjørn= way techy nerd; I =only a little bit. I try to balance him out!), we always listen in to the Mars Hill podcast. Nothing like a good sermon on a friday evening! haha kidding. Not kidding though: after going to the locally famous Nuthouse Bar & Grill last Saturday night, while i fell asleep on the couch, Bjørn and a couple of guy friends spent an hour and a half watching Driscoll and Piper videos on Youtube. The epitamy of theology meets technology nerds.

This video is pretty funny though. Worth checking out and laughing about.
"Be a Man"