introducing Senora Bulthuis

That is right, may I introduce you to the head of the brand new ESL department at Sumas Elementary School, myself. In a somewhat bizarre last couple days, I went to Sumas Elementary for an observation/interview for a position working one-on-one with special needs kids at the school. During my interview with the principal she actually asked me how interested I would be in doing something ESL related and using my spanish skills to work with the 20+ new Hispanic students in the school. I was thrilled. She is in the process of figuring out funding and setting up the official job, but until that process is completed she has hired me on as a substitute para educator (which get paids a good rate, just no benefits yet).

My job will basically consist of working one-on-one and in small groups with the Non-Native English speakers from 12-3pm, adjusting the level of language to their comprehension levels, which involves some translation into Spanish. I will then be "shadowing" two ESL teachers at Everson Elementary who run an after-school ESL program. The hope is after a couple of months of shadowing this after school program I will start a similar program at Sumas Elementary.

Currently, there is only 1 other TESL certified teacher at Sumas, who has a basic level of Spanish. Therefore, I am as equally if not the most qualified ESL teacher for the school, which is quite a different feeling for me. But I definitely need to study some Spanish vocabulary and hopefully with a little practice, I will get back into the hang of speaking it. I'm SOO excited!

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Southworth Sailor said...

Congratulations, Jenny. I'm sure that you will do a great job. Welcome to the world of professional education!

Polythene Pam said...

That is so perfect! I'm so so excited for you Jenny! I would LOVE job like that and you will be GREAT at it. congradulations.

Jenny said...

thank you Peter. It feels good to be in education. and thanks Pamela. I've only been 1 day so far and I love it. And the people I will work with are great too.

The Bains said...

awesome, awesome, awesome. I did some work with the MOMS of Latino students her in Corvallis. Great to be able to use your Spanish skills AND make money. Congrats

Jerry Gene said...

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