A forgotten love.

Bjørn and I got back late (as in 11.15 pm) monday night from a family vacation to Big White Mountain, outside of Kelowna, BC. I forgot how much I love snowboarding. Hopefully I can get up to Baker a couple of times before the season ends. 

Big White hosted a contest "Cruz the Blues" in which boarders can get "passports" that have a list of all the blue (aka intermediate) runs on the mountain. Each run has a sometimes hidden stamping post, which boarders find and stamp their passports. I got 27 stamps and Bjørn got 30. We definitely cruzed those blues!

2 notes:

christinaandbrian said...

it's been a great winter..kinda bummed that i can't ski, but i think i'll take the alternative! good luck making it up again.

angelyu said...

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