Georgia Trip 2008 pictures are up. Highlights included:

Wednesday: swimming at a lake,
buying boiled peanuts from Fred's (disgusting!), checking out Helen (alpine village 10 min. from Jill's house), going to Rib Country (where Jillio works) for blackberry cobbler, buying watermelon and Georgia Peaches from a fruit stand, swimming AGAIN at the lake, reading by her pond, drinks in Helen

Thursday: roadtrip GA 2008 to Madison County to check out Antebellim houses

 (ya know, the ol southern plantation ones that have been around since slavery), biscuits gravy and ham dinner, watchin fire flies at the local Chuggin Hole

Friday: checking out a friend's garage sale (Southern folk love their flea markets and garage sales), swimming at a private pool with Jill's roommate, shopping at the outlets (LOVE a good deal), eating a catfish at a Southern Buffet

 tried moonshine, and watching a fireworks show.

Saturday: intertubing down the Chatahoochee River, swimming at the local country club where Jill's boyfriend is gonna work, dinner and margaritas at the Mexican restaurant, fireworks at the drag strip, first time trying Southern Comfort (TOO sweet). Leaving at 3:00am for the ATL to fly home.