Herb garden meet the world wide web

World wide web, meet my herb garden. 

Lots of mint, 2 chives & a little thyme

my blooming tomato bushes and 3 different types of Oregano
     It's taken almost 5 weeks for my garden to take off, but now not only do I have all these lovely herbs pictured above, I have lemon basil, regular basil, Rosemary, and a little cilantro. 

     As many of you know, Bjørn and I are moving out at the end of August and back to the Eide Compound (where 2 of Bjørn's aunts and uncles already live), into Bjørn's grandparents' old house- still in Lynden. Thus, it makes me sad that we are leaving our healthy herb garden soon. Maybe I could transplant 1 or 2? Or at least pick a lot the day before we move out. At least now, I know I can garden a little! I was definitely doubting myself for about a month there.