Where you been?

answer: working my new job. 

What's that?
answer: early childhood specialist, a.k.a. preschool teacher at Nooksack Elementary (neighbor to Sumas). 

What do you do? Team teach a group of head start (government funded group) in the mornings with a head start teacher, and teach my own group of 10 preschoolers in the afternoons. 

Are you overwhelmed? Well, I'm going on my first home visit to go over 13, yes that's right, 13 forms with parents of one my preschoolers. I just learned about the forms yesterday, so it's a little fast. 

Are you excited? Very. Not only is the job better pay, it is full time, full benefits including retirement, and I get to work with some preschoolers in Spanish (something I have been super interested in since last spring). 

How was your guys trip to Mexico? Incredible. It will require several of its own posts.