The fairest Roses

Getting closer...
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Friday morning my friend, Stephanie (who was on the same study abroad team in Lithuania with me) flew in from Minnesota to visit and see the West Coast (and she chose Oregon!! Take that So Cal and Seattle) for the first time. Portland is known as the City of Roses so what better place could I take her after a little shopping on 23rd st, than the Portland Rose gardens in Washington Park?! We also went to Multnomah Falls and Oneata Falls (which is this little Waterfall you have to hike through a small gorge to). It is somewhat hidden, but absolutely beautiful and fun but freezing to swim in. Today we're going up to Portland with Jeff and Whitney to watch the X-games and see Swtichfoot perform.

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Bjørn said...

Minnesota!? That is not Chicago at all. That is about 400 miles away. I think your geography is a little off.

My Fair Lady said...

I got confused. Back in May when I was flying into Chicago for a layover, Stephanie said she could meet me cuz it was only a couple hours away. Apparently, in Minnesota culture, "a couple" means five...I was thinking two.

And I can't believe you had to put a link to prove how wrong I was. Computer geek!

Polythene Pam said...

Aawww... I didn't know you went to Oneada! It's only my favorite place in the world! Well... ok at least in Oregon... I go there every year and I haven't been this year and that makes me sad! But, alas I couldn't go. Ooohhh well. Glad you got to go at least!

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