"Steph loves Oregon (but like who doesn't?!)"

"but like who doesn't?"
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Sunday I took Stephanie to Newport, Oregon to get a taste of the Oregon coast. I like Newport because it is only a 35 min. drive from my house, and there aren't tourists (like Canon beach, although you don't get the rock). We went to Beverly Beach and then I took her to my favorite lookout point, where sometimes there are crazy waves (unfortunately not that day). I loved being back at the coast...I always get sad when I've been away from it for too long.

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Southworth Sailor said...

I noticed that you didn't take Steph to Washington. I bet you were afraid that she would like it better than Oregon!

My Fair Lady said...

Afraid? No way! She can fly anywhere for free and she chose Oregon. She already knew which was better!

Jerry Gene said...

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