A working girl

This post is for all the people that make fun of me because I apparently "never work". I would just like to say that my three week break in-between summer school and the regular year has NOT been spent lying around in the sun (oh how I wish!) and sipping on smoothies, no, NO!

Instead I have spent the last week or so working at my dad's office. His paralegal and my friend, Leesa, has been out of work for almost a month because of terrible headaches. The doctor found out she has a brain tumor, but don't worry it is "inoperable" and her headaches were from a different problem. She is able to work half days now, and my dad is VERY glad to have her back at work, but for now I am helping out too. I did this job for 2 years in high school and didn't enjoy it so much, but there's something about it now that makes it so much more appealing (maybe it's the $3 dollar/hour raise;)). Anyway, whenever Leesa messes up at work, we tell her to just say it's because she has an inoperable brain tumor--it's somewhat humorous.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take pictures of the office, so the people whose imaginations don't work quite as well as they once did, can have a visual. It's actually quite a nice place: the office is in the top floor of an old historic house in downtown Corvallis. It's a fun place to work, for an office job.

But I can't wait for Trinity-- only two weeks away.

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