Well, hello there Fort “Romance”!

the fort romance band
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Well, I know SOOO many of you have been worried about me being “homeless” back up at Trinity (my roommate, Jana and I preferred the term “in transition” actually;)). But we found a place to live, and let me tell you this was no hole in the wall. We live behind the Lamplighter Café in downtown Ft. Langley, by far my favorite place around Trinity. Across the street is the grocery store and hardware store—could we be any more small historic town? I don’t really think it’s possible. Haha, but I love where we live. Bjorn helped decide that our place has “romance”. It is a very old place, with hardwood floors, a covered patio outside and courtyard with ivy growing over the fence. It truly is Romance (like from the Romance period, not love style romance). Everyone that lives in Ft. Langley calls it “the Fort.” So we cleverly came up with the name “Fort Romance” for our apartment.