Re-vamping the routine.

I've been reluctant for a little while (alright so 3 months) about blogging. This is because I have been thinking about what I really want to say, the energy I want to put into it, and if I even like blogging.

I go back and forth between wanting to just post pictures and tell fun stories, to writing about more serious things, to quoting beautiful writings and scripture that i have been reading. So finally, I've just decided i'm going to do it all. This is going to start with thoughts from my most recent adventure in Guatemala. For one of my classes, i was required to keep a daily journal of reflections of stuff we'd seen, problems we'd had, and the observations we made of such a different culture. This process was everywhere from intriguing and interesting, to downright aggrivating...but the result was much more than I had expected. I'll give you one every day (perhaps every other day) just to keep your appetite wet ;).

Much love from the top,

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Polythene Pam said...

It's funny, maybe it's because none of my other friends blogged yet when I started, but I never gave a second thought to what I would or should write when I started blogging... I pretty much like to run the full gammot. And I like to use the word gammot as much as possible.
Isn't it amazing how much people lose these addresses? Like seriously, NOT THAT HARD people.
Te amas!

Jerry Gene said...

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