Chicoy (5.3.2006)

(When we visited a sinkhole, a local place of Mayan Worship)

Carefully stepping down in the darkness, the peaceful scent of incense enters my lungs. I take a deep breath and let the “tranquilo” overtake my body. Such a journey to embark on to offer a prayer! What sincere faith it must require to desire this sacrifice.

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I stop in complete awe, hypnotized by a row of humble candles. A feeling of evil overtakes my being and I sense for a second the syncretistic darkness present in Mayan culture (and religion, which are one in the same). It is overpowering. The weight of it forces me to my knees and I cry out to God. Little do I know how to pray for these people; little do I know their lives; yet still I know this is in His hands alone. I realize my smallness and feel very humble. I am nothing in this world, one tiny piece of a complex, confusing universe that I cannot fathom.

Deep is the corruption of these mountains, and impossible the problem to meet. Yet I am amazed, Lord, at the work You are doing through Impact Ministries. Every couple hours, I turn to hear of another school they are able to open. The amount of work these servants are accomplishing is incredible…work of eternal rewards...in the hearts of the Pokemchi. School upon school, opened through You. Increible!