A sad way to start the day.

It was an early morning at the Christensen house today. My cousins, Alicia and Sara, and Sara's fionce had all spent the night, and were up early in anticipation of the US-Ghana game at 6:55am. At 6:30, we were all huddled around the TV to see the pre-game coverage. It was a morning of promises and hope as US stood to defend their future in the World cup.

But the result was devastating (for the best playbacks, check out: video highlights). US fell behind due to a Ghana striker breakaway in the middle of the first half. They did come back in the 43rd minute with the first US scored goal (Italy game was a self-goal) of the 2006 World cup. A penalty kick put the US down again, and despite attempts they couldn't catch up.

It is disappointing, but in all honesty, the US's performance in general this year was weak. They played with heart during the Italy game, when they were down 2 players, and they had moments of energy in this last game. Overall though, they didn't play agressively, lacking an offense during their first two games. Nevertheless, great effort US men.

From Group E, Italy and Ghana advance to the next round.