The amusing Bjorn

As some of you are well aware, whereas those of you who aren't probably could care less, Macworld started today. For certain people, namely Bjorn, this day is more anticipated than Christmas. Stevie Jobs (ceo of Apple) announced an iPhone today, which I greatly restrain from explaining as it is Bjorn's parade (and I would never dare to rain on it!), which is quite impressive. It is worth checking out.

And as entertaining as the video demos are (which I have inevitably viewed 3 times!), my greatest excitement was Bjorn's reaction to this phone. He came in to chapel late and the first words he says is "it's even more amazing than I could have imagined Jenny!" I didn't realize what he was talking about at first, I thought, 'hmm, maybe he really likes chapel today!' Then when I clued into the fact that he was talking about the iPhone, I couldn't but help but laugh as I noticed he was breathing very heavy from the excitement.

Dan, his roommate, later informed me that he sent an email to Bjorn as they were both reading a liveupdate of Macworld (in separate locations) that said, "this is amazing." Bjorn's repsonse email was, "I can't even breathe."

When I teased him about the iPhone excitement, he said, "Jenny, let me have my one day a year that I'm allowed to go crazy!" He is crazy, crazy about Apple. This is his "excitement dance."

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Southworth Sailor said...

My only regret is not being there to observe his revelry.

Polythene Pam said...

Haha, silly Bjorn. Did you know that Mac is getting sued for using the name iPhone cuz someone else was already using it? It's true, bbc news told me so. Sorry, hope that didn't rain on any parades.
I miss you Jen Jen!

P.S. my word verification was "iyeia" which I think was the noise Bjorn was making in that video...

My Fair Lady said...

ahaha that's awesome Pam. I didn't know about the suing, but i'm guessing Bjorn does. That kinda sucks they are cuz ever since Apple's ibook/iPod names, ppl have been ripping off the "iwhatever" label.

btw, we have tons of snow again...7 inches maybe! it took 25 min to get my car doors open and windshield cleared off. Oh snow!

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