Long distance: avoid at all costs

I always told myself that I would never date long distance. Of course, then the boy I was sweet on didn't ask me out until the day before I left for Lithuania for 5 months...so I guess rules we set for ourselves don't always work out! ;)

5 months was a long time, even with daily emails and skype. But long distance is always the worst the 2nd time through, because at that point, you know how much being away from each other will suck. Bjorn and I experienced this last summer when I, again left, to study in Guatemala for 6 weeks.

Poor little sis, Jillio, is now going through the 2nd time post-dramatic loss of Mike leaving again to finish basics in Georgia. Mike, a.k.a. Private Lange according to the US Army, enlisted last September and left for basics a month later. He was not allowed to contact Jill for one month. Since then, all they could do was write letters, until he finally had a 24-hour leave for Thanksgiving.

Although, everyone is proud of Michael's commitment, Jill is not enjoying having an Army boyfriend. Mike finishes in two weeks, when Jill and my dad will fly out to Georgia to watch him graduate, and then all three will return to Beautiful and wet Oregon. Go Mike! (and hurry home!)