What a day...

Bjørn and I have been stressing since last night about buying a car for sale down in Marysville. After driving down there last night (1 1/2 hrs from lynden), and waking up at 11:30pm to find out that Bjørn's car had overheated and he barely made it home, I was a little exhausted. And Bjørn was probably worse. We stayed up late trying to figure out everything financially and decide if we should get the car. 

Needless to say it was a weird way to start my birthday. I then got a call at 6:30am from my boss asking if i could ride on a pre-school bus. I was already catching a ride to the school an hour before i was spose to be there, so I thought, 'at least i could get paid for my hour by riding the bus.' So I agreed. As soon as I got to Sumas, she had to drive me 15 min. down to the bus grounds (in Everson) and we missed the route by 5 min. After all that, I didn't work extra...but i did get paid extra. I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday, cuz it was such a funky start to a day it didn't really feel like a birthday...and I didn't want my boss feeling bad for me. 

But my Aunt Kay, who was subbing the whole day at Sumas, bought me a cake at lunch (a delicious chocolate cake might i add), and had all my fourth grade kids sing me happy birthday.  The rest of the afternoon passed with all the kids wishing me a happy birthday every time they saw me and saying, "You look so pretty", etc. 4th graders really can boost your self-esteem! She's a real gem. 

I think in the end, I realized that birthdays are becoming less of a big deal to me. From being around kids, I remember thinking it was the BEST day ever! Now though, I feel like, "So you came out of your mom's wound one day, and now, we celebrate that day every single year?!" BUT of course, that's not to say I don't enjoy how special your friends and family make you feel on your birthday. :) 

4 notes:

JW's said...

Did you get our voicemail? Really good singing! Hope you had a good birthday!

Polythene Pam said...

Dang it! I always know your birthday is coming up when the middle of March approaches, and I always the exact day it's on. Birthdays are special Jenny, because it is one day set aside to celebrate you just because you are. And I for one am very glad you are. Happy Birthday my dear Diana. I will try to call you tonight, but if I don't reach you, we shall connect soon.

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