A working girl

This post is for all the people that make fun of me because I apparently "never work". I would just like to say that my three week break in-between summer school and the regular year has NOT been spent lying around in the sun (oh how I wish!) and sipping on smoothies, no, NO!

Instead I have spent the last week or so working at my dad's office. His paralegal and my friend, Leesa, has been out of work for almost a month because of terrible headaches. The doctor found out she has a brain tumor, but don't worry it is "inoperable" and her headaches were from a different problem. She is able to work half days now, and my dad is VERY glad to have her back at work, but for now I am helping out too. I did this job for 2 years in high school and didn't enjoy it so much, but there's something about it now that makes it so much more appealing (maybe it's the $3 dollar/hour raise;)). Anyway, whenever Leesa messes up at work, we tell her to just say it's because she has an inoperable brain tumor--it's somewhat humorous.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take pictures of the office, so the people whose imaginations don't work quite as well as they once did, can have a visual. It's actually quite a nice place: the office is in the top floor of an old historic house in downtown Corvallis. It's a fun place to work, for an office job.

But I can't wait for Trinity-- only two weeks away.


"Steph loves Oregon (but like who doesn't?!)"

"but like who doesn't?"
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Sunday I took Stephanie to Newport, Oregon to get a taste of the Oregon coast. I like Newport because it is only a 35 min. drive from my house, and there aren't tourists (like Canon beach, although you don't get the rock). We went to Beverly Beach and then I took her to my favorite lookout point, where sometimes there are crazy waves (unfortunately not that day). I loved being back at the coast...I always get sad when I've been away from it for too long.


The fairest Roses

Getting closer...
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Friday morning my friend, Stephanie (who was on the same study abroad team in Lithuania with me) flew in from Minnesota to visit and see the West Coast (and she chose Oregon!! Take that So Cal and Seattle) for the first time. Portland is known as the City of Roses so what better place could I take her after a little shopping on 23rd st, than the Portland Rose gardens in Washington Park?! We also went to Multnomah Falls and Oneata Falls (which is this little Waterfall you have to hike through a small gorge to). It is somewhat hidden, but absolutely beautiful and fun but freezing to swim in. Today we're going up to Portland with Jeff and Whitney to watch the X-games and see Swtichfoot perform.


Guess who's back?

Little Rocky
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Finalmente! I have returned to my blog. I took a break to enjoy the summer, in the form of taking two summer courses—I know, I know, what a way to spend the summer! No, in truth, I haven’t written for two reasons: first, I have not had a camera to visualize my experiences (which I know is not a necessity, yet definitely a plus) and second, busyness due to school and hanging out with Bjorn.

But alas, I have returned to my love. So this past weekend I spent in Southworth with Bjorn’s family (on the Puget Sound). Saturday we went to Bainbridge Island to visit Sarah and Jana, two of my best friends from Trinity. We went boating with them and spent the evening eating cookies, having dance parties, and talking (apparently a little TOO much talking for Bjorn. I guess boys just can’t keep up with girls!) Sunday, we went to church and out for a very “relaxed” sail.

This evening, I took Bjorn to the Fort Langley winery, and we tasted all of their “famous” fruit wines. We then went down to the creek at Williams Park and had a picnic. I gotta admit, in the summertime, there’s no way I enjoy eating my food more than a good ol’ fashioned picnic in a park.

P.S. You're welcome Peter Bulthuis for blogging. (I was beginning to feel a little guilty for the month and a half break :))

The forgotten fotos

Assisi from the city hotel
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As I was browsing my pictures today, I realized that I never posted 2/3 of my Italy photos. So I now present the rest of my Italia pictures, from the countryside in Umbria County. They are of the city Assisi, the surrounding country, Perugia, and my day trip to Firenze (Florence). The quality of the pictures is low, because I was borrowing my Italian friends’ economic camera.

I am still hoping to get pictures of my time in Rome from one of the study abroad girls I met up with there. But this is pretty much the end of my Europe trip. Enjoy.