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Finalmente! I have returned to my blog. I took a break to enjoy the summer, in the form of taking two summer courses—I know, I know, what a way to spend the summer! No, in truth, I haven’t written for two reasons: first, I have not had a camera to visualize my experiences (which I know is not a necessity, yet definitely a plus) and second, busyness due to school and hanging out with Bjorn.

But alas, I have returned to my love. So this past weekend I spent in Southworth with Bjorn’s family (on the Puget Sound). Saturday we went to Bainbridge Island to visit Sarah and Jana, two of my best friends from Trinity. We went boating with them and spent the evening eating cookies, having dance parties, and talking (apparently a little TOO much talking for Bjorn. I guess boys just can’t keep up with girls!) Sunday, we went to church and out for a very “relaxed” sail.

This evening, I took Bjorn to the Fort Langley winery, and we tasted all of their “famous” fruit wines. We then went down to the creek at Williams Park and had a picnic. I gotta admit, in the summertime, there’s no way I enjoy eating my food more than a good ol’ fashioned picnic in a park.

P.S. You're welcome Peter Bulthuis for blogging. (I was beginning to feel a little guilty for the month and a half break :))

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Kent said...

Glad to see some new posts. I was just deciding if I should erase the shortcut I have to your site.
Now I won't! Pamela has been so glad to see you again. She needs lots of "friend time" and has been in withdrawal this summer.

God Bless You.


Jerry Gene said...

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