Hello and welcome December!

Once again the snow has hit Lynden, just in time to welcome in December and the Christmas season!

But there's a "little" wind that comes through Lynden and Blaine from over the North Easten mountains, infamously named the "North Easter" which Bjørn and I just discovered is biblical! (those good 'ol dutchmen;)) This wind creates huge snow drifts and keeps very much snow from sticking on the ground. So even though it's been snowing all day only an inch of so has stuck on the grounds. Not to mention, this wind makes it absolutely freezing ALL the time!! Even though I've lived in Langley for the last 4 years, I was never told about this positively terrible wind that apparently only exists in Lynden. I've got to get an even warmer jacket!

The snow was a nice sight to wake up to, esp. since I've spent wednesday afternoon until this morning in bed due to a bad case of the flu. I have survived though and was able to go out in public for the first time today...just to the Woods coffee shop. But every bit counts! I also did a little more decorating today.

Bjørn bought the Charlie Brown Christmas album, so we're been grooving to that the last couple of days. I love this one:

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