Up to date

  • It has snowed 2 weekends in a row in Lynden (and school hasn't been cancelled once!)
  • I have finally been on the Chuckanut Dr. (Bjørn took me as part of saturday date night)
  • Last night, Bjørn and I went to Bethel Christian Reformed Church for their advent service. This is the church that Bjørn's grandma has attended for years. She was quite excited to see us there
  • Bjørn's grandma calls me Jennifer: I think when I am a grandma I'm going to call everyone by their full names and say "that's lovely darling" like the grandma from Happy Gilmore--anyone remember her?
  • Bjørn and I are planning on going to Bethel every Sunday night during Advent.
  • We went over to Doug and Pam's (Bjørn's uncle & aunt) for coffee afterwards
  • Bjørn and I discovered after working out at Homestead at 10'oclock last night that the entire city of Lynden is dead after 10. As Bjørn said, "We OWN this city at night."
  • Bjørn-of all people!- dropped his iPod while running on the treadmill, and reacted by telling me that I was not allowed to use my iPod on the treadmill! (because if he can drop it, then I FOR SURE will drop it! I love my husband ;))
  • I think the staff was laughing at us while we ran side by side on our treadmills both wearing headphones and not talking to each other. 
  • why am i ALWAYS cold?

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Southworth Sailor said...

WoW! You guys know how to pack a lot into a weekend! But come to think of it, you come by it honestly :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Yeah..don't drop your iPod. I did...it started to wrap around my leg and I had to jump on 1 leg at 6.5 miles per hour...I almost fell off...HAHA...good thing I'm a good jumper.