x-mas and since...

  • It snowed on Christmas: Bjørn and I had a bit of white for our first christmas together. And it's been snowing everyday since.
  • has anyone noticed that "x-mas" is fading out? Jeff noted that at dinner last night. 
  • I hate the movie "I am Legend" but i think that's mostly 'cuz my hand was sore afterwards from squeezing Bjørn's hand so hard for 2 hours. 
  • When Bjørn and I went out with Jeff and Whitney and Dad and Jeanette last night for dinner and a movie, we realized that couple-wise we felt a little backwards: Jeff and Whit are the old farts, Bjørn and I the newlyweds, and Dad and Jeanette, the young & the foolish (a.k.a. engaged)
  • I don't think I've heard "Frosty the Snowman" the entire X-mas season: maybe it as well is fading out of pop culture x-mas
  • Bjørn & I finally bought a standing lamp for our dark living room: but we did buy it half price. Jill called us "freaking bargain shoppers" and I don't know why I actually felt embarrassed. Apparently, I am slowly becoming Dutch, but not enough yet to be proud of it! haha.
  • Borders bookstore, the social hangout of Corvallis, has now changed the status for when you look up a book or cd from "in store" to "probably in store." Bjørn and I decided that status was useless. I could've already guessed that the cd I wanted was "probably" there. The whole reason I went to look it up, was to see if they did actually carry it. I wonder what situation brought upon the need to add the "probably"? Perhaps an angry customer that started yelling because the book that said it was "in store" was not on the shelf? Interesting.
  • Jeff & Whitney gave Bjørn a sign for our house that says: A good marriage is like ... It just keeps getting better and better.
  • The OSU beavers play at 5.30pm tomorrow, and thus Bjørn and I must make it to Southworth to start round 2 of x-mas by 5.30pm (at the latest!) 
*I purposely used "x-mas" for the entire blog--I'm SO cross-cultural ;)