Why I Love My Job

The Funny Moments
(while helping a kid during "writing workshop") 
"Oh shoot, I couldn't fit that sentence on that line." 1st grade boy
"Well you can just write it down here." me
"No, i'm gonna have to write P.S. That's what you write when you don't have enough space to put something!" boy

 (while waiting with 2nd graders for the bus)
"Let's talk about what we're going to do this weekend. How about you honey?" 2nd grade teacher
"I am going over to a friends house tonight, AND WE are going to have a sleep-over. Oh, and I'm the president of the United States." 2nd grade girl
"Take a bow." Teacher
[girl bows and everyone claps]

"Teacher, can I go to the office to get a new shirt?" 1st grade boy, again!
"Why is your shirt all wet?" me
"Oh well, you see I was going to the bathroom, and it just got in the way. There was nothing I could do about it." boy

"Mrs. B, my arm is broken." 1st grade girl
"Are you sure it's actually broken?" me
"Well, it hurts really really bad." girl
"Ok, well go tell Mrs. DeHoog." me (avoiding the situation, haha.)

And the touching...
  2nd grade students were writing a response to "If I were a gift, I would be a _______, and I would give myself to _________."
2nd grade boy: I would be a bible and give myself to my best friend Mark so he could learn about God. 
2nd grade boy: I would be myself. and give myself to my dad because he only gets to see me twice a year! (in good news, the boy is currently with his dad for a week in California)
  I would tell you more of their responses, but these 2 already had me crying. 

Merry Christmas to all the little children of the world, and of Sumas Elementary!

4 notes:

Polythene Pam said...

That's so wonderful that your first job out of college is a job you love. Really really wonderful.

Jenny Built-house said...

yeah, you're so right. It's easy to just get in the routine, and find things to complain about. Until I stop and think, and realize how great of a job it really is for me.

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