Red HOT Bash 2008

red hot bash ladies, originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.

For those of you who won't see Bjørn's dad's blog, New Year's Eve was celebrated in excellent style this year at Mars Hill's "Red HOT Bash." 

The evening was started off with dinner at the Hi-Life restaurant, an old historic fire station converted to restaurant, in Ballard. After dinner the whole Eide clan drove up to Cary Park to check out the hottest view of the space needle and downtown Seattle. Talk about gorgeous!

 The Mars Hill ballard campus turned their sanctuary into a "posh" club, hired a professional band, Bobby Medina & The Red Hot Band, which played everything from motown to salsa to funk. Bjørn and I danced the night away, and I was pleasantly surprised to see most of the Eides and Bulthuises step out onto the floor. It's one thing to celebrate the new year with a party, but it's a whole nother element, to celebrate it with the whole fam! (13 of us in all)

Michael, Marti and I were SURE it was the biggest party happening in Seattle, cuz afterall, we were at it. ;)

Check out Mars Hill for more photos.

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